Welcome to my home and workshop. My idea is simple, to welcome artists, to meet, exchange and work together.  I don’t have specific criteria about what kind of artist and work I would like to host, just send me some of your previous works and a couple of idea of what you would like to do here.  

My name is Romain, I am from France. I work in Crete as a hiking guide during summer, during winter I paint, draw and run this small art residency.


The place is located in a small traditional village called Boutsounaria, 5km from Chania, in the entrance of the Therissos Gorges. It is a settlement of a couple of old houses where live less than 20 souls.

Above the village there is a spring where you can have a bath, that has some kind of therapeutic virtues, well the local says so. The water is running trough the village and you can hear the sound of the water all day. Of course Boutsounaria is very quiet, outside of our modern way of life, but Chania is not far, and we have a beautiful view on the city. Here you will find peace and I hope inspiration. You will realize when you come, that the settlement of Boutsounaria is like a organism, a one element lying along the small water stream.


My place there is a 2 floors house with garden and 2 abandoned houses next to it. The ground floor is the place of living, the first floor is the workshop. There are beds up and down. You will work and sleep upstairs. There is of course toilet and kitchen in another room. You will share the house with me and some stray cats.


I would like that at the end of your stay you leave a trace of your passage in Boutsounaria, by incorporating one of your artwork to the place, that can be in the village, around the spring or in my house. It can be sculpture, painting, installation or land art, all ideas welcome.


There are many houses abandoned that could be clean to host some installations too. I would prefer works that can be removed, by regards to the owner of the houses. For more permanent works we will have to get of course the authorizations of the different owners.


I ask a small fee of 40 euro a week to help me with the spending of the house, let me know how long you wish to stay. The village is connected by local bus to Chania.